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20 tph SZS condensing gas-fired steam boiler for paper industry

20 tph SZS condensing gas-fired steam boiler for paper industry

Project Description

Baoding Dayi Paper Co., Ltd. is located in Wangjiaguan Industrial Park, Shunping District, Baoding City, Hebei Province. The company covers an area of 5.33 hectares. At present, the company mainly has "Baihui", "Daiyi" two major brands, products for toilet paper roll, facial tissue, handkerchief paper, napkins and other series of living paper. Because Dayi uses 100% importing raw wood pulp as raw materials, the production of paper products must be sterilized at high temperature. Therefore, Baoding Dayi Paper chose to cooperate with our company. Our SZS series 20 tph condensing gas-fired steam boiler owns many advantages, like full combustion of fuel, high efficiency, low energy consumption, clean and non-polluting. Its high-temperature steam generated through the conversion of energy, it helps Dayi Paper to achieve a variety of technological purposes such as cooking and drying.


Client feedback

Compared with other paper products, household papers have more disinfection and sterilization processes and therefore have higher requirements for steam. Our company uses 100% imported raw wood pulp to produce household paper, so choosing a boiler with full combustion of fuel, high efficiency, and low energy consumption is critical to us. Through comparison, we purchased the ZOZEN boiler SZS20-2.5-Q condensing gas-fired steam boiler. This boiler is fully burned, energy consumption is very small, and the production efficiency is greatly improved, which is very suitable for our company.

— Baoding Dayi Paper Co., Ltd.

Project Details

  • 20 tph
  • Baoding, Hebai
  • SZS20-2.5-Q
  • Baoding Dayi Paper Co., Ltd.
  • Steam

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