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8 tph WNS gas-fired firetube boiler project for chemical industry

8 tph WNS gas-fired firetube boiler project for chemical industry

Project Description


        Zhuote chemical plant is mainly engaged inthe production of pigment intermediate. The products include2,5-Dimethoxy-4-chloroaniline, Naphthol AS-LC, NaphthoL AS-IRG and HydroquinoneDimethyl, etc.. In order to expand capacity and improve the quality of their products,Zhuote chemical plant decided to update its production equipment.Many production processes, like distillation, rectification and drying need a numberof steam. Therefore, the plant preferred a boiler with sufficient output andhigh efficiency. ZOZEN keeps a good reputation in the chemical industry and isrecommended to cooperate with Zhuote chemical plant. After investigation andstudy, ZOZEN provided a WNS series 8 tph steam boiler for Zhuote chemical plant.This kind of boiler features high efficiency and low consumption. A largediameter corrugated furnace is adopted for fuels to be fully burned. Threadsmoke tube and condensator design make thermal efficiency reach above 98%.


Client feedback

        ZOZEN is so professional that the boilerthey recommended is based on our actual need. The gas-fired steam boiler willincrease the fuel costs because of the expensive gas. But the boiler providedby ZOZEN is designed to have high thermal efficiency, helping us saving thefuel costs. The fully automatic safe operation design also helps us save therunning costs. We are really appreciated for ZOZEN’s products.

— Zhuote chemical plant

Project Details

  • 8 tph
  • Luoyang, Henan
  • WNS8-1.25-Q
  • Zhuote chemical plant
  • Steam

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